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John MacArthur

John MacArthur is a 84 year old renown American of Pastor, his Church is called Grace Community Church located in Sun Valley California, his Ministry is Grace To You. He has countless sermons online. Also he is the author of MacArthur Bible study and has also written several books.

John MacArthur Sermons

John MacArthur is among the most listened preachers in the world today, his sermons can be found in the Grace To You website, Grace to You youtube channel. The most viewed sermon on youtube in the latest five years is on the topic of “Does the Bible Permit Women to Preach.”

John MacArthur Study Bible

The MacArthur study Bible is described to have;

  • 25,000 well described explanation notes written by John
  • Each book has thorough cross-reference introduction
  • it Contains 130 two color maps, charts and timeline illustrations
  • Contains concordance and a reading plan
  • The study Bible comes in three different Bible versions.

John MacArthur Books

For more of his bools visit Amazon Website.

  • Twelve Extraordinary women
  • Twelve Ordinary men
  • The Gospel According to Jesus
  • Ashamed of the Gospel
  • The Truth War
  • The MacArthur Bible studies: Revelation.

John MacArthur Calvinist

John MacArthur is a Calvinist, he supports the five points of calvinism. In Grace To You website an article describes why he is a Calvinist.


NameJohn Fuller MacArthur
Age84 Years
Ministry and ChurchGrace Community Church, Grace To You
FamilyWife Patricia MacArthur, Four Children 17 Grand Children(last updated 2017), 4 Great Grand Children.
HomeSunValley California
AuthorMacArthur Study Bible
MinistryGrace To You


  • How his church handled the matter of Covid 19. refused to cancel service, county and church lawsuit, the county paid the church for interfering with freedom of region.
  • The handling of the issue of domestic violence. Several women victims of domestic violence were supposedly asked to return to their abusive husbands.
  • Comments regarding Steve Furtick and Beth Moore. In 2012 at the annual Shepherd conference he made a remark when Steve’s name was mentioned, “unqualified”. While in 2019 at the Truth Matters Conference when Beth Moore name was mentioned he said ” go home”

I am not sure if some of the issues deserve the term controversies. Some are not proved conclusively, or rather I believe giving some benefit of time the issues will be handled. But also with many diverse yet biblical theological positions held by the body of Christ issues are bound to rise.

Reflections and Prayers

John MacArthur has had tremendous influence on Christianity today. He has stood with his convictions even against big oppositions that could have cost his a lot.

I pray that God will continue using him for his glory.

Rising concern that many of the believers who go to his church have found it hard to be part of other churches, their hearts as many say is that they are so cold. Lets pray for forbearance and oneness in the body as we seek to encourage and serve one another in our pursuit of God.

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